Kamis, 28 Juni 2012

as awesome as you ♥

look at the west sky,
can't ignore the green hills,
seems like calling me to come closer,
to feel what i have never felt before,
to see what i have never seen before,
to hear what i have never heard before,
to know what is hidden inside,

listening to my heart,
i take my first step with no doubt,
to go to your world,
and i feel like i'm so close to you,

further, higher, and colder,
can't stop "aww"-ing,
i feel what you feel,
i see what you see,
i hear what you hear,
and i want to know you more,

looked high, cold, and untouchable,
but beatiful, peace, and rich at the same time,
but once i come closer,
with my whole heart,
i know that,
i can say nothing but
this is so awesome,

and i say,
this is as awesome as you ♥

Rabu, 27 Juni 2012

when you fall in ♡

when you fall for someone,
you'll see that the world is so beautiful,
you just know that you always want to smile,
with your sweetest smile,
smile to everyone you meet.

when you fall for someone,
you'll feel like you want to do everything,
you'll feel like you full of energy,
and you'll feel like you want to jump,
anywhere, anytime.

when you fall for someone,
you can't pretend that you don't,
you can't deny that you do,
even to yourself,
cause everyone see it,
in your eyes, in your expression, in everything you do.

when you fall for someone,
you make the world around you,
feel the happiness that you feel,
because love is amazing....