Kamis, 28 Juni 2012

as awesome as you ♥

look at the west sky,
can't ignore the green hills,
seems like calling me to come closer,
to feel what i have never felt before,
to see what i have never seen before,
to hear what i have never heard before,
to know what is hidden inside,

listening to my heart,
i take my first step with no doubt,
to go to your world,
and i feel like i'm so close to you,

further, higher, and colder,
can't stop "aww"-ing,
i feel what you feel,
i see what you see,
i hear what you hear,
and i want to know you more,

looked high, cold, and untouchable,
but beatiful, peace, and rich at the same time,
but once i come closer,
with my whole heart,
i know that,
i can say nothing but
this is so awesome,

and i say,
this is as awesome as you ♥

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